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Vegan Vitamin D3

Vegan Vitamin D3

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Known as the “sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D is an essential micronutrient aiding in the process for calcium absorption, strong bone development and building a healthy immune system. For those who have limited access to sunlight (i.e. the wintertime blues) or to reduce risks associated with unprotected UVA and UVB exposure, our Sports Research® Vegan D3 formula delivers the exact same biologically active form of vitamin D produced in the body from direct sunlight. Traditionally, Vitamin D3 is sourced from lanolin (sheep’s wool), that’s why for our Vegan D3 we use VEGADELIGHT® sourced exclusively from lichen. And because D3 is best taken with a fat, we added cold-pressed organic virgin coconut oil to our softgels so you can get more of what your body needs.*


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